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Baby talk
Pro ana Pro mia
So to-day I had plans to take my little boy to go see Santa clause but they fell through because my child minder left him home late which I don't mind because it gives me time to get home and settled before going straight into mammy mode.But at the same time I was a little sad but there is so much more time now to do I guess.

He also has taken to the naughty step when he's bad so he knows now that when he dose something bad that's where he has to go. Which is a little mean but it teaches him that he can't just scream and shout and get away with it, if there is nothing to scream and shout about. So today when I told him off he walked him self to the naughty step and sat there for the whole three minutes, he did cry for the entire time but the point is he knows right from wrong he just has to get the fact that your not meant to do the naughty stuff lol.

He also asked me to watch Harry Potter which is the first time he has done that and he knows mummy LOVES Harry Potter :). But at the same time it also made me smile at the thought that he wanted to make mummy smile while she was sad, And I swear that it just melted my heart and I forgot what was upsetting me so  much. I'm so lucky to have my little boy I mean he is the light of my life and I couldn't picture my life without him now :) He is just so amazing and so advanced for his age I mean he is three years old and he can count to 10 and knows all his colours and also when tidying he knows exactly where everything is and also how to brush teeth and wash his hair.

I just can't wait till I take him on holiday I hope to take him to Holland next summer with my other half and him so we can have a little family holiday. Even know he is not Tyler's actual father by blood he is still more of a father to him his actual one ever will be! Which I'm not going to get into because we would be here all day and I just don't think I could do that and also be in a happy mood.

hope you all are well 



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