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Christmas Is approaching and for the first time in years I am soo looking forward it :) I have my baby boy and my fiancée to celebrate with and I just couldn't be more happy :)..... I just kinda hope that I have dropped a dress size by then :/... Its not really my main point of the holiday but it would make it soo much better for :) to buy clothes now and put them on and them not to fit would be soo great, even know I am meant to be in recovery that would still be a great present for me :) so I'm going to work out a lot more the next three weeks by doing sit-ups and push-ups etc and hopefully see some result in the matter :) Fingers crossed but at the same time I don't think it would matter at the time because I have so much to celebrate already.

I also have caught up completely on all my behind work in college which is good I just have to do a monologue next week and that will be fully up to date with work and I'll be able to relax.But until then it's still full steam ahead :) with rehearsals and so on.

The filming we had to do today also went really well because we kept time and got the footage we needed for the first two scenes :) which also makes me very happy because it takes a little worring off my shoulders. also they want Tyler to play the little boy in one of the scene's which I was so happy about and so was he when I told him about it.

My other half's ex isn't bothering me as much either to so I have been feeling better about that and get on with the others, but someone that I thought was really close to me has took it upon herself and her boyfriend's self to slag the life out of my my boyfriend and it just seems all a little childish and stupid considering one of them is 20 years old and has a child and they way they are going on is just so stupid you would expect behaviour like that off a 14 year old girl and her friends like seriously. 

Sometimes I think maybe I'm a little to grown up and then I realize that everyone else would agree with me in saying this, considering the fact the girl is known by everyone for her big mouth, I mean seriously everything out of it is a lie you can NOT believe a word that is spoken from her and sometimes I wonder why I waste my time being her friend and then I realize it must be to bring up my self image of me, because I know I don't have to lie about my boyfriend dumping me for attention and then when finds out you say this blame it on someone else :L... I don't know how she is planning on getting through the rest of her life because some day someone is going to make her wake up and make a big decision. 

I'm all for acting your age but acting 4 years younger than yourself and doing and saying things that a early teen would do is just stupid and childish.



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