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Been a hard two days ....
Pro ana Pro mia
So I haven't been posting because I've been in hospital had to get my stomach pumped because of the amount of Pills I had Ingested.. Yeah I had, Had enough and thought I'd try and kick the bucket :/ not so proud of that but it was just one of them weeks were everything just got to much and I couldn't take no more I'm just so happy that my little boy wasn't here he was with his dad. Not haing a good week.  

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I hope you're feeling better.

I know how overwhelming everything gets sometimes--I've been there myself :)

Yeah I just never thought I'd be in that place again :( which upsets me, But I'm getting help now and everyone has been so supportive with me and isn't treating me like a crazy person by watching me 24/7 which is good because I think that may have made me worse :)

Right--while it's nice to know people care, you also need your space!

I'm glad you're getting what you need!!!

Yeah so am I the only problem is I seem to be slightly more moody that I was and I don't know if that is just an after math thing or maybe that special present girl's get once a month haha :L Hopefully I calm down soon but because my fiancée is the one getting all the mood swings and it doesn't seem fair :(

You'll be fine--you're just trying to process and put things into their place in your mind. It takes time, but won't last forever.

But yeah, I know how easy it is to get emotional about nothing! Your fiancee will understand. Just remember to apologise the moment you realise you're acting moody! It shows that you're making an effort to get better.

Yeah I think he understands that I am a little moody and it's not actually anything he is doing that is causing it because he just tends to try and calm me down by giving me back rubs and putting me sleep and bringing me tea :) He's so cute :3... I hope it dose calm down really soon but because I don't want him to just crack one day because he can't take it any more :(

Oh, how sweet of him!!!
Just think positive :)

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