sceret diray

Always trying consitly failing in my head

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Pro ana Pro mia
My basic knowledge of today is that I'm being faked, I guess they say you learn something new everyday :) I would rather have been something productive but I guess you got to take what your given :). I also have made a mile stone in my life by not having the over whelming urge to prove myself to someone which is a huge thing for me :) and I'm happy with that I don't know if anyone else had that problem but I had a serious problem with it and I hope this is a point now that will go on forever. Nothing can bring my mood down today I'm just to happy at the moment and it's the happiest I've been in a long time and I feel great to :) I don't know what has come over me today but it's a good thing so let's hope it last. I also have been on my med's now for three months and I think they have finally started to kick in properly because now I'm more aware of the thing's I say and how I put certain things :) So lie pretty good now ! I have my two boys and the girl's on here for support what more could a girl ask for ? 

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