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Pro ana Pro mia
I love that I get to come home to such a beautiful baby boy to play with :) He makes me soo happy and gives me a reason to smile even in the most worst of times in which I think there is no reason being here :) But he can change all that by just smiling or laughing or saying something so stupid that I almost cry laughing :L , but anyway day two of SGD seems to have went well bar all the confusion to try and find things low on calories that was in my budget but I managed to do it and tomorrow is day which I'm excited about because I can exercise hopefully :) If I'm feeling better of course. I didn't like what came up on the scale today but so I'm not going to depress myself again and write it online for everyone on the world wide web to see because I just would be to embrassed to show my face again :/. I'm still trying to find out how to work on my tumblr account because I just don't know how  that site works at all :@ which frustrates me so my plan for this weekend find out how to pimp that page out to make it my own :) 


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