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Always trying consitly failing in my head

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Pro ana Pro mia
So last night wasn't to bad with the pizza I just purged it back up which I'm quite upset about because I wished to not be sick as much :( but anyway I have started the Skinny Girl DIet today and so far I think I've done well considering I have only had one cup of coffee with no milk and a special k bar that's only 88 calories :) dose anyone know how manys in a cappicinio ? I rthinks that's were my down fall with me :). Todays been soooooo good because I woke up in great form and then was not lsate for class as normally I would be and I have been meeting with media students for a flim me and my group are doing about mental illness during the war :) I'm sooo excited today and I couldn't be happy how is everyone else ? Hope you are all well
Stay strong <3 xxx


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