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Down sides to life
Pro ana Pro mia
So I've been gone for sometime three months to exact and that may be down to a few reasons reason 1 : my laptop charger broke so been waiting for my dad to get me a new one. Reason 2: I had been ban from the internet without adult supervision due to the fact I had lost three stone in a month and a half, Reason 3 : I've just been so busy with college work that I haven't had time to breathe never mind update all my blogs. But hopefully now that I have gained some weight (much to my dismay) I am now "Healthy" enough to surf the net on my own -.-, But no my main thing is now to be thinner than my current boyfriends ex! It have noticed that its really helpful to have someone who also has eating problems even if they are lying -.- (That part made me angry but if that's how she runs her life then that's up to her) because it gives me someone to have a completion with !!. I have managed to lose 7 pounds in a week that's basiclly 1 pound a day ! just because she has said she's lost 3 and that's she's getting thinner. For some reason (Recent pictures of her) I am lead to believe that in fact she hasn't lost anything at all, In fact she has gained about 2 stone in that last two months. I have also started up zumba to help push the weight back and I am constantly doing my Pussy Cat Dolls DVD too ! so hopefully for Christmas I will be a hell of a lot thinner and one more step towards being perfect. But at the same time it seems the less I eat the more energy I have ! I don't understand which makes me believe that any day soon now I am due a crash and THAT I am not looking forward to at all. I think that maybe I start a new blog over on tumbler to because it means that I will be posting ana pictures everyday and it will motivate me more and now that I have my laptop up and running again I can now put thinspo on my iPod to :D !!!!!!!

Who ever said that every bad thing you do in your life has a down side to it ? because how I'm seeing it right now everything seems really fucking good !



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