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Always trying consitly failing in my head

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Pro ana Pro mia
OMG!!!! im soo overweight i need help im trying everything and nothung seems to be working!!!! can anyone help me please?????

any thing will do please emeregy!!!!!

huggz and kisses

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Hey girl thanks for the add. Was it you that had a little baby? I have a 5yr old. Anyways thought i'd say hi and let you know i'm here if ever want to chat about anything. I have put on so much weight over xmas time grrr we could lord it together! Xoxo

hiya yup its was me that had a little boy :)
sure we could totally lord it ;) were u from we cold star a 4 day fast???

huggz and kisses

the easiest way to loose weight and actually keep it off is to eat right and do exercise.
that's pretty much it.
i hope you loose the weight you want to loose :)

from your picture you look really beautiful and im sure you are a perfect, gorgeous weight. i am eight stone and i love it, everyone compliments me on my figure. and imnot really thin! the only benefiti about being thin is... there isnt one! boys dont like it, bones make people feel sick, and you dont have enough energy to make yourself heard and be the powerful, beautiful woman you have the potential to be! Keep eating, girl! and STAY off the pro-ana crap. you dont need it. all you need is to love yourself amd i promise you you will be fine xxx

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