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so anyway im going out for a drink tonite with myfriends so i told my mum i didnt want no dinner cant get drunk on a full tummy :::) i have managed to go most of all day without something to eat. i heard that vodka onb its own like burns fat is this ture??? can someone let me know cause i drink wdk and that has vodka but other stuff in it to so its not good. i really need to lose some weigh i feel so weighed down by everything. i thinkin maybe a heart patients diet that needs to be good or maybe i just will never lose weigh cause im a fat bitch who's goin to dye of obesity. well went of in a rant there haha


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80 proof vodka has 72 calories per ounce (about one shot) so it is NOT at all true.
in fact, it would do the complete opposite--make you gain wait. drinking it on its own means less calories than mixing it with juice or something like that, but it still DEFINITELY loaded with calories.

hi thanks for letting me know =) how u doing??

huggz and kisses

Alcohol makes you gain weight.
That's where the term "beer belly" derives from.

Avoid it as much as possible, unless you are for certian it willmake you throw up every ounce in your stomach :).

If you throw up alot when you drink, go ahead and binge before you decide to get plastard. Then you will just hrow everything up.

do u not get the beer belly from wat u eat wen drunk but yeah i throw up everything one nite i had to be taken to hosptail i threw upto much i just couldnt stop i kept makin myself more and more ;(

thanks for the comment howz u???
huggz and kisses

if you mix alcohol with anything do it with diet coke or coke zero ;)
it won't add any calories to the drink &+ diet coke is yummmy<3

Sorry dear but vodka is FULL of colories...

thanks for lettin me know i now only let myself have a small drink when i've lost at leats 20 pounds :)

huggz and kisses

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