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Everything is looking up I think..
Pro ana Pro mia

Okay so I am meant to be in recovery and it's not going all that well I mean I have managed to stick to strict diets I made before starting to getting to get better even when I wasn't able to when I made them which is somewhat crazy :/ and yesterday was a very bad day as I didn't eat anything and me and my best friend got into a terrible fight because people had been telling her I was talking about her when I wasn't but its got all sorted out now hopefully she text me last night but I didn't get it till this morning but it was basically just her saying she knows I wouldn't talk about and she just got really angry when she heard all the terrible things. So anyway I have decided that after this short period of getting better it's just not for me right now because I just cannot handle all the weight going on so tomorrow I will begin a week long fast :) wish me luck <3

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